Why sharing your truth and problems, helps you to heal.

Updated: May 23, 2020

Unlike bears, who hibernate in dark cold dens, humans thrive on connection, by recognising ourselves as a vital cog in the wheel of each other's lives. Our bodies and minds thrive on the attention and kindness of a caring friend, lover, family member or health worker that has our best interests at heart.

Whilst healing needs quiet time out for our own presence and self empathy, rest and nourishment, there is nothing that beats resting into a big hug ☺ Our unique mirror neurons and vagus nerve evolution, wires us for co-regulating our health and hearts through social interaction, voice and touch. Men are most vulnerable of crumbling in silence and isolation. We need to look out for each other.

Our healing needs a combination of support, quiet time for inner reflection, rest, play, laughter, tears, nature time, affection and touch. Nature follows the rhythms of seeding, blossoming and decay and like wise so does our healing.

The question to ask yourself is who has your back? Are you ok with being vulnerable? Do you reach out under stress or retreat into the cave? How are you keeping your heart fires aflame?

Allow yourself to be seen by the people that love and care for you and share your thoughts and lean into support. This action creates a field of love for both people to feel sustenance from shared transparency of our inner world and it is through sharing that understanding is built around our very common life challenges and wins. This helps create self acceptance and builds self empathy and empathy for each other.

Your experience is never something to feel ashamed about.

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