"Thanks Belinda, you took me on a journey of discovering parts of myself that needed to be reconnected. Since my last healing with you, my self talk has softened and  self acceptance is leading my path. The many faces of myself are no longer judged yet embraced and because of that my whole outlook on this life has changed dramatically. Thank-you for doing what you do and creating a beautiful space to share and reconnect."

Nat Rosie

"Belinda has really helped me focus on me again.  After years of being a mother I'd forgotten how I fitted into the world and had a growing sense that I might be suffering from depression.  After a session, I feel so much lighter and more energized... my self confidence is growing again.  I am putting her tips into action and seeing results; I would recommend Belinda as a Kinesiologist and a Coach.  She was extremely intuitive and I was blown away by what she could perceive about the source of my stress.  
I am now a lot happier and more active as a result of regularly seeing Belinda."

Casey, Jan Juc

"Belinda is an incredibly intuitive healer, and I cannot recommend her enough. She is gentle, encouraging, supportive and has interwoven practical kinesiology alongside counselling and coaching support for helping me with both physical and emotional challenges. I can HIGHLY recommend a visit."

Annabel Torquay

"Amazing insight, understanding and compassion. very high level of intuition and kenisiology, i can highly recommend and encourage you do."

Sam Correia

"A great coach, very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. plus such a beautiful location to really help relax you."

Nathan Frost

" I took my six year old daughter to see Belinda twice about her anxiety which was making sleep time difficult for us all. The first time she seemed a little better and the second time everything just seemed to click into place. That evening my daughter was very calm, she then slept all night in her bed and stayed there for 12 hours. She woke up happy and content. What a difference!! Belinda also gave us some mindfulness techniques to use to keep her anxiety at bay. Thank you Belinda! "


Mayan -Warralilly

"I still remember my first Kinesiology session with Belinda. I felt completely safe and held in her space. The techniques were both wondrous and unfamiliar and I left with a tangible sense of space, balance, freedom and connection. It felt like a releasing of patterns that had been causing me to shut off from my power and my relationships. It opened a gate to deeper healing and I felt my child-like freedom returning and my connection with self and other deepening.

I choose Belinda as my practioner as she really embodies passion, warmth, power and joy.  At the same time she is real and grounded in her own relationships.

Belinda's communication is clear, nurturing, wise and impartial.  In our sessions I feel that the root of the issue is clarified and explored with a resolution that is felt in real time and follows through into lasting growth.

I highly recommend Belinda as a practitioner for those wishing to get support.  Belinda has a great skill working with relationships both to oneself and to others and she really practices what she preaches."


Thaedra Torquay.