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Belinda Claveria

I'm a Qualified Kinesiologist, Certified Somatic Sex Coach, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Holistic Energy Therapist.

My passion is supporting clients to be deeply connected to

self love, confident in expressing their truth and to support humans that can feel safe to connect more openly in intimacy.


I work within my top life values of clear communication, curiosity, connection, courage, heart truth, sex positivity and integrity.  


I am an expert in Sexual intimacy, Anxiety, Relationships and have a passion for clearing stuck emotional states and habitual patterns held in the body/mind/energy field matrix.  Holding back individuals from the love and life they deserve.

I've studied 20 years of energy work, and utilise Kinesiology, Tapping, NLP, Mindfulness, Breath-work and Spiritual Philosophy along side years of Shamanic Sexuality work under many respected teachers and guides. 


I am particularly influenced by my teacher, Michaela Boehm, a Shivaism Tantra Lineage holder, Polarity and Embodiment Specialist.


I have a personal daily practice developed over many many years that utilises mindfulness, movement, spirit based devotional work, tantric and breath-work practices.  This influences my approach to clients.  


I believe that sexual life force is important and helps bring joy and flow to our lives. And that Self Love is imperative to a happy healthy life.

I have a passion for supporting people of all ages to tap into their unique gifts and orgasmic potential and to free clients from anxiety, fear, shame and blame.


I want you to have the love and pleasure you deserve.

And to learn how to bring your energy and mind into a juicy loving state.

My trainings are:


Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology @ACCM

Dip Ed.

Steiner Teacher Training- Melbourne Rudolph Steiner 

Certified Somatic Sexologist- Institute of Somatic Sexology

Embodied Counselling- Institute of Somatic Sexology

Qualified Heart Touch Practitioner 

Certificate of Counselling S.W TAFE 

Non Violent Communication x2 workshop

Certified NLP Practitioner- The Coaching Institute

Orgasmic Yoga teacher- I.S.S

Priestess Training - Ellie Wilde

The Dark Erotic - Winter Jade Icely

Scrying- Winter Jade Icely

Evolutionary Women - Devashi Shakti

Tantra & Polarity principles -  Michaela Boehm (ongoing)

Esoteric Acupuncture - Mikio Sankey

Soul template Kinesiology- Grace Ambrook

DNA imprints Kinesiology- Dr Charles Krebbs

Awakening Series Tantra Yoga - Emma Power

Trauma Informed Practitioner - Nisha Gill


Lam Rim Meditation Course

Ongoing Meditation Guidance- Jess Huon

Reiki 1 & 2

Timeline Therapy & Deep State Re-patterning- The Coaching Institute.

My biggest lesson's have come from life and finding ways to keep the spark in my relationship and myself alive, after 23 years with my partner.


I welcome people of all genders LGBTQI in my clinic sessions.

Intimacy & Relationship Coach Geelong, Surf Coast, Torquay