75 mins  /   $130



Kinesiology / Healing

Tailored Energy work and coaching sessions.

Having qualified in Kinesiology, NLP, Counselling, Reiki 1 &2, Esoteric Acupuncture and more... 

When we have access to the messages of our body and learn to live in harmony with our emotional, physical and spiritual needs, we build resilience to stress and free ourselves from mental and physical pain.


Primarily sessions use Energetic Kinesiology, Coaching and Energy work. I use intuitive  healing and my training in Kinesiology, Tapping, accu-pressure, sound & colour therapy, essential oils, essences, guided breath-work and vibrational techniques.

I help you to return your nervous system back into ease, by understanding the messages of your body. 


Kinesiology works by locating, processing and releasing past experiences, patterns and behaviours, trapped in the energy field, cells and muscle memory that is hindering your capacity to return to a natural health balance. 


Clearing these pathways, releases stuck states of emotions and pain that allow your energy to flow and your brain to be working without stress, so that you feel greater clarity and calm.


Kinesiology and coaching, opens you to new ways of thinking, feeling and operating from a more open mind and heart by clearing the imbalances within your chakra, hormone and muscular/fascial system.  As a result, directly impacting on the harmony in your digestive system, nervous system and stress pathways.  

You can book your Kinesiology sessions ran near Torquay and Geelong.  Here

ZOOM sessions available.

Sex, Intimacy or Relationship Coaching

Initial session 75 mins  $130

 Package of 3 sessions $360

Your sensuality is life force.  Pleasure is a gateway to freedom and a life you will love!  


The healthy and truthful expression of your sexuality, supports greater pleasure, presence, receptivity to love, affection and more satisfying fulfilling relationships. 

Learn to set clear boundaries in your relationship, build orgasmic potential, have longer lasting better sex, communicate with confidence your desires and experience greater pleasure.


Sessions support individuals or couples to discover:

- What is holding you back?

- Masturbation coaching

- How to increase your natural sexuality, libido and orgasmic flow

- Develop polarity and play in your relationship

- Communicate your needs

- Unwind tension and stress in the nervous system inhibiting energy and your         feminine/masculine essence

- Create daily practices to open your heart and spirit to love and pleasure

- Confidence to express yourself authentically.

- Discover new ways to experience pleasure, sexual energy and desire.

- Living and loving from a more embodied pleasure state.

ZOOM sessions also available


Counselling / Life Coaching

Initial session 75 mins  $130

 Package of 3 sessions $360

Seeking a Counsellor, Coach and Mentor ?

I am passionate about supporting you to live a life of greater passion, pleasure and presence to be with the people you love and achieving your life goals.

I am trained in a unique form of embodied counselling, heart touch, NLP and mindfulness.  I have guided hundreds of males and females to resolve anxiety, loss, grief, anger, failed relationships and challenging life decisions.

I specialise in relationships and people that struggle with anxiety symptoms.   

Somatic counselling, basically means you have access to deeper wisdom through a whole body/mind approach to gaining insight and solutions to your issues.  Clients find the process more profound, deeper, healing and insightful.

It is a gently guided dialogue between you and I that works through the sensations in  the body, bringing greater awareness, spaciousness and compassion to what is behind the story.  Sessions support you to gently unwind stress patterns and illuminate your truth.

Coaching and embodiment sessions can be ran in person in my Geelong based clinic near Torquay or online over ZOOM.

Should you have a history of trauma, please speak to me prior to our session to ensure you are adequately supported.

ZOOM sessions also available.

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