Following your bliss and shopping for lube...

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi -

Each week I have women and men show up to do the work of coming home to bliss. You possibly have been one of those brave humans that have sought my help. You've sat in that throne chair and tears have rolled down your cheeks, as we prepare to heal through a kinesiology, breathwork or embodied counselling session.

This is a normal part of doing the work. You've sat opposite me on ZOOM and listened for your erotic pulse,

shared your desire to come alive again and been guided into embodied awakening.

This is the joy of doing the work. These clients have the inner INTELLIGENCE to know that they are out of sync with bliss. Out of sync, with their soul's truth. With a grounded trust deep within. Following your bliss can be hard right?!

NOT following your bliss is worse. There are so many things we are told we are supposed to do and be. Our days can be filled with doing.

Work hard. Churn out productivity. Be a devoted parent, daughter, son. But what about the things that make your heart sing ? The things that make your body come alive? The people that really get you? Pleasure and desire are indicators that your have a healthy dose of who gives a fuck! This is good, it takes confidence to go against the status quo and let your soul unfold into it's unique form. We need to celebrate this in individuals. Not economic output.

The capacity for a person to speak up for their truth and feel safe in expressing their bliss is an indicator of inner freedom. This freedom comes from doing the work.

ALCHEMY is my passion.

Helping people transform is my bliss :) BLISS gets stuck in the body and the energetic system by many things including:

* the beliefs we have inherited from outside of us Things like the beliefs from our parents, our nurturing or lack off, our failed relationships, our shaming of sexuality and narrow viewpoint of gender and diverse relationships, beliefs about money and how to get it, how love does or doesn't show up in your life. Bliss can get hidden, our desires can get stuck in our bodies through trauma and stuck emotions. And so this is when Pleasure and Bliss can feel shameful or unimportant. And we separate from our authentic self. It can feel painful. And it effects our everything... I see this all the time. Asking yourself, what if I just followed my bliss today, what might I do? What was my younger self attracted to experiencing and doing in order to experience bliss? Asking, show me the support and connect me to opportunities to follow my bliss (I'm always talking to my spirit guides and watching for signs) You can clear the blocks to bliss. And rewire your body for bliss. Not just through talking it out, But by living it out. The world needs our authentic expression of bliss. I believe we'd end a lot of issues if we could tap into the natural flow of bliss in our body. And learn how to regulate our nervous systems when stress shows up... which it will right! So , here is to following your authentic self and bliss. On another note: Below is a photo from my shopping has a bit to do with following my bliss and giving bliss as service to my partner. It's the life of a mumma of teens and a sex coach.

I played with different lubes on the weekend. On different bodies. This is by far my favourite. We had colds in our house this week....lemon and ginger all round. And the cucumber, well cucumbers are a very versatile vegetable are they not? If you need further support, I am here over zoom or in person for Kinesiology Healing Embodied Counselling Empowerment Coaching and Sex Coaching. ECSTATIC BREATH COURSE COMING UP IN THE PLEASURE GROUP. THE TRAINING IS FOR MEN AND WOMEN. I WILL LINK THE COURSE SHORTLY. Much love Belle x

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