Does Kinesiology work? How does Kinesiology work?

Yes. With 100's of clients passing through my doors, their feedback is that it DOES work.

I still get blown away by this unique form of energetic healing and counselling.

Let's firstly imagine that humans have a baseline of optimum health and that every part of us, naturally wants to maintain and live in this perfect state of balance.

This would mean that everything beyond that, which we might call illness, dis-ease and pain is our body out of balance for whatever reason.

A qualified Kinesiologist like myself has studied for a number of years a modality of health based on the body being holographic and that deep in the unconscious, in the muscles and the spirit we hold memory of key moments and energetic kinks that either accelerate us or deflate us.

Using a fine system of muscle testing, I locate where the body is showing imbalances in the chakra, meridian, muscle, gland, organ matrix.

Asking questions to the client often silently, a Kinesiologist is trained to find what systems are under stress. Our training gives us the capacity to sense changes to the muscle, we can discover a series of clues to why the body is struggling to heal. Kinesiology approaches you as an Energy Being.

For example,

Locating an incident at 12 yrs old, related to being dominated by a female, which is showing up as an imbalance in the Solar plexus and Throat, that links to sugar intake and an inability to speak up, is associated to this current challenge of deep stress at a new work place, where once again a female is dominating the client.

Hence she's consuming too much sugar and alcohol, her gut is struggling to function and she is stuck on how to change out of this work that she hates.

Kinesiology finds what vibrational match will help support this client back into balance, such as a colour, essential oil that is breathed in whilst holding her cranials, or sound, or certain acupuncture points to re nourish her stomach & small intestine meridians, to help her clear the blocks around communication.

Think of Kinesiology, as a tailored energetic healing and counselling session with hands on touch and the beauty of tracking back quite quickly to key moments that the client may not have previously been conscious of but were significant moments that created a huge imprint of stress on the spirit.

Kinesiology uses a variety of techniques to understand the issue:

  • Where in the body it has become locked?

  • When did it happen?

  • Was it a generational issues such as inherited genes, pain body, beliefs?

  • Who did it involve?

  • What body systems are involved?- muscular, endo, digestive, psychological, energetic, biochemistry

And Kinesiology uses a variety of techniques to transform the imbalance.

We might use:

  • Sound- tuning forks or sound bowls

  • Flower essences from around the world

  • Homeopathic vials to discover what frequency mismatch is showing up- from viruses, to illicit drugs, hormones out of balance and neurotrasmitters.

  • Essential oils that directly effect the memory and limbic system

  • Cranial holds

  • Energetic touch such as Reiki

  • Eye modes

  • Affirmations and goal setting

  • Tapping on meridian points

  • Light therapy

  • Acupressure

  • Chakra work

  • testing of substance on the body to see if the body reacts- including foods, dust, seeds, household chemicals

  • Releasing practices

  • breath-work

Every session is different and every issue requires a different approach. Kinesiology is something I have found has really helped clear pathways that have held back my inner purpose, my self confidence and self love. It has helped me have far better relationships and supported me to live the life I want.

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