Tailored Healing Session

Life changing sessions - body mind healing


Body, spirit, mind healing using- Kinesiology, Counselling, Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching.

Each session is as unique as you are.

My priority is to unlock your body's innate healing potential and support the body and mind to de-stress.

I have a particular passion for relationships, intimacy, the effects of anxiety and all aspects of the emotional heart.

Sessions are powerful and are incredibly life transforming for teens suffering from stress and anxiety.

Using Kinesiology testing and intuitive energy work, we uncover the triggers and tap into your innate healing wisdom using a variety of practices that are grounded in Eastern Medicine philosophy. 


I holistically work to create harmony again and balance to the body, heart and mind, using a variety of techniques to bring about new thinking, new habits, more energy, courage and greater connection to your unique spirit. 


This is an intuitive & biofeedback process, that gets to the underlying issues and transforms your mental and emotional health.  I guarantee that the session will leave you feeling lighter, more grounded and with greater peace and clarity.

All sessions are highly confidential.




  • All Adult Sessions are:                            $130

        (first session approx 90 mins)                      

  • Children under 16yrs                               $100

  • 3 Sessions for $350 - highly recommended.

        Must be paid within the first session.


- Counselling & Embodied Coaching

- Energy / Reiki Healing


- Homeopathy vials & Acupressure Points

- Neuro vascular holding 

- Sound Healing

- Chakra Balancing: addressing hormone issue.

- Body and Breath work

- NLP to shift negative behaviour, emotional patterns and install positive mindset

- Brain Function: for school aged children and adults suffering from study difficulties, memory and balance problems

- Soul, DNA template work


- Nutritional Balance: identifying what may be hindering the absorption or digestion of nutrients.

- Cranials and TMJ: for headaches, pelvis issues


- Fascial trains and Postural Assessment: assisting in fluid movement & pain  reduction within muscles and joints


- Colour Light Therapy​


- Auric alignment


- Essential Oils

-Take Home Exercises

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Healing touch

Gentle cranial holds, Reiki & fascial release- ease the body and mind