"Healing I" Cards

Introducing the “Healing I” cards- a Tool for Kinesiologists in clinic.


The Collection of 21 cards consist of A SET OF 

* STAR in 6 colours 
Star Tetrahedron Merkabah is an ascension tool and one of the oldest symbols. Supporting the light body template. 

* HEART in 8 colours 

Heart card is for healing, love, connection, support. 

* SQUARE in 6 colours

 Square card, is for expansion and freedom within safety and boundaries. .


Pain body card accesses pain body

Each card has the Eye of Horus in a pale gold colour on the back, the symbol itself has been used as a protection and transformation symbols for thousands of years.

Healing I, uses symbols that are both sacred and have healing qualities.


They are a powerful transformation tool for Therapists that use COLOUR, NLP, TAPPING, KINESIOLOGY and EYE MODES in their practice. Purchase link below:

They are designed for the client to look at, so that the body mind connection can reorganize back to balance. Using the power of colour and symbols. 

They are very powerful and effective to disconnect and heal pain, emotional states and energetic blocks around particular beliefs, a memory or stress.


The therapist holds brain points, places palm over the forehead or gently holds the F/O while the client looks at the card and breathes deeply into the lower belly.


Follow these steps:

  • Muscle test to find which card- “ ask - Star, Square, Heart, Pain Card

  • Once you have the symbol next test up for which colour?

  • Muscle test and go through the colours which are in Chakra colours.

  • Muscle test what direction the client should look at the card according to the theory of eye modes.

  • *YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE LOCKED IN AN EYE MODE- and can start at step 1

  • Hold the card about 40cm away, in the position of the eye mode that showed as an imbalance.

  •  Ask the client to breathe deeply into the belly/ heart/chakra whilst they look at the card

  • OPTIONAL:  you may already be working with an affirmation or a goal that the client repeats while looking at the card

  • Hold Brain points, Frontal Occipital hold or ESR points whilst they look at the Healing I Card.


Please note, the Pain card, is the black circle with a dot in the centre.  Use this to access and detach the pain body from the auric field and then use another card from the set to activate healing and re-patterning.


Follow above steps from STEP 3 by using the pain card for client to look at.

  • Next unzip the pain body using your power hand or wand from the auric field from the head to the toes.

  • Then re- assemble the energetic template with one of the other Healing I cards, selected by following the above steps.


Available NOW on eBay.  Simply type in Healing I cards:



Enjoy the pack.  I trust they will provide great transformation for your clients.


Warm regards

Belinda Claveria


Passionate Being Kinesiology and Coaching.

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