Star Energetics



This balance is subtle yet powerful, it taps into energetic vortex's that exist in and around the body, and help align your astral and physical body, whilst providing a portal for more subtle devine energy to move through your body.


Star energetics uses tetrahedron patterns that exist within the body's energetic matrix.  


Similar to Cranial Sacral work, and incorporating light frequencies, including Reiki.


I first complete a postural assessment, then tap into natural rhythms  in your body, using my palms and passive holds over key areas of the body such as the C6-7, sacrum etc... 


Star Energetics is my own work and was surprisingly channeled through in 2007 & again in 2010.  It welcomes in the free flow of life force that feeds cells, meridians, chakra's and nadi's.  


 A Flower Essence may be required to take after your session to integrate your balance & is attained by muscle testing specifically for you.


Star Energetics    

invites change and works gently to shift your body into balance.


Incorporating the essence of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki, whilst working along fascial train lines, energy vortex points and acupuncture pathways.


Star Energetics     is beneficial for all ages.




1 hour $100

Essences $15 extra




To learn how to incorporate

Star Energetics into your healing practice, please contact me -

Belinda Claveria.




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