Meet yourself deeply. I will support and lead you to access your joy, power and strength.

THERE  is a natural intelligence alive in every cell of the body.  This is a body based approach, with foundations in somatic psychology, tantric breath work and bodymind therapy.

Embodiment Counselling Sessions are gently guided, to help connect you into your 'feeling body' and release what is holding you back.  Literally you speak from the body, it is a deep beautiful process.

Usually conducted in a lying position on the floor, we enter the sacred through Body and Breath work.

I combine my healing techniques and years of study with some of the best known teachers in Sacred Sexuality  into the session- with sound, essential oils or essences to support you.

This is an empowering, lightening process and quite profound for releasing pain, shifting stuck states , opening up to your sensual body and dropping deeply into your truth.


It releases energy, creates connection and gives you the safe space to resolve physical and emotional issues.  Without getting caught up in the story.

It's a great opportunity to take some time out to listen and feel into what is present in the body and mind.  The process opens your capacity to build greater sensitivity for yourself and to let go of emotions that are holding you back and were causing pain. 


Gain clarity, feel lighter and in connection with joy.

Suitable for males  & females.

Approx 1.5 hours $130 a session.

*There is no sexual contact in these sessions.  it is a therapeutic environment and fully clothed.

** For cases of trauma, please speak to me personally about your issue before booking.

"Profound, a really incredible experience,  I went deeper than anything I have done before."

" I had pain in my left hip and it went in one session, I felt so supported to feel into my body and the sensations were so alive".

"It helped me to feel, I have never been a feeling kind of guy.  I trusted in the process and what I felt was powerful, sensual and moved up my stomach and released from my throat.  I feel alive again".

" Powerful, there was so much energy flooding my body, it felt so so good, I came to deep acceptance of myself.  I learnt I have to speak my truth".

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